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1984 Honda Aero 125 (aka NH125)

Posted by on March 4, 2013

So once I got my Aprila I started to really pay attention to scooters in general. One thing I have always kept far away from the Chinese knock-offs you see on Craigslist. I am sure they are great for the money (for a little while at least) but I was more interested in the ones I could cherish and one I could ride and appreciate their heritage. <-- is that weird? To actually say "cherish" and "appreciate their heritage" with regard to scooters? Surely a true motorcycle lover wouldn't dare stoop so low. Well yeah, I went there. Well, I began keeping an eye out for interesting specimens. What caught my attention was a 1984 Honda Aero 125. Now as far as the U.S. is concerned the model year (1984) is irrelevant. This is because if it's an Aero 125 it HAS to be from 84 because that was the first and only year they were sold here. And even then they were not sold in California or Canada. The most interesting thing about the Aero 125 is that it is a 125cc air cooled 2-stroke and is the largest 2-stroke engine Honda has ever sold in a scooter. It is a work in progress but the fact that I am making progress is amazing. Recently I removed the anemic stock 18mm carburetor with a Mikuni VM22. Tuning is going well and it will soon be ready for the street again. After all the mechanics are figured out the body panels will go off to paint and I will cut some custom decals. Here is what it looked like when I first got it: 20130304-001015.jpg




3 Responses to 1984 Honda Aero 125 (aka NH125)

  1. Ben

    How did the VM22 carb work out for you? what did you do about the choke?

  2. Steve

    I too would like to know how that larger carburetor worked out. did you put in a larger reed set?

  3. Todd

    The VM22 did not fit right so I ended up going with that TM24 flatslide and a custom intake adapter. I put an OKO 26mm reed block that I got from I don’t remember the jetting off hand but I am getting close to 70mph WOT.

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