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2017 Mileage Mania

In 2016, 23 riders raised $345 for Freedom Service Dogs by registering for the Mileage Mania challenge. In 2017, we hope to raise more money and involve more riders in helping Freedom Service Dogs bring more shelter dogs to people in need.

SO, what is this?  The Mileage Mania is an annual challenge to ride the most miles on your motorcycle(s). You simply register, send us a photo of your odometer and a dated receipt on or after the start date, and then another odometer photo before the deadline at the end of the season. The rider with the most miles for the season is the winner. It’s that simple. No fuel logs, no location photos, just starting and ending odometer photos.

How did this happen?  In 2014, the Mileage Mania started as an informal challenge amongst Facebook friends who are also established long-distance riders. In 2015, the challenge went formal, with registration on RideMaster and entry fees going to the Wounded Warrior Project. F0r 2016, we voted for Freedom Service Dogs to be the new charity recipient from the Mileage Mania riders. Word spread, and we ended up with 23 riders contributing $345 to help rescue shelter dogs and train them to help people in need.

What do you get out of it?  For your meager $15 entry fee, you will receive some high-quality Mileage Mania stickers. The top three finishers for the year will receive small prizes. In the past, prizes consisted of small trophies for display, but may be subject to change. Above all, you get the satisfaction that you helped a wonderful service charity like Freedom Service Dogs to continue the amazing work they do.

What is different in 2017?  This year, in order to increase our donation potential, there will be options to make an additional contribution at registration. There will also be a PayPal link up all year for you and friends/family to make non-rider contributions to Freedom Service Dogs through Mileage Mania. All money received will go to Freedom Service Dogs. We keep none of the registration fees nor the additional contributions. The MotoTourers fund the stickers, prizes and other swag, so every penny of your money goes to helping Freedom Service Dogs.

Also new for 2017: As voted on by the Mileage Maniacs Facebook Group, the season will be extended by a full month. The challenge will begin on March 15th and end on November 15th. Some folks found the April Fool’s to Halloween timeframe kind of short, and I have to agree, yet I couldn’t see extending too far into the winter months and putting those of us up north at a distinct disadvantage. We will see if riders like these dates better, and will adjust accordingly for 2018.

I’m ready, so I do what now?

  • Register at RideMaster – pay a $15 registration fee, along with any additional donation if you choose. All funds go to Freedom Service Dogs. All expenses associated with the Mileage Mania challenge are covered by MotoTourers.
  • Join the Mileage Maniacs Facebook Group to chat with other riders and stay directly linked to Mileage Mania updates. Important updates will also be emailed to all registered riders, but the Facebook Group is a good reference source for all pertinent information on the Mileage Mania. We also post updates on riders’ mileage throughout the season. Feel free to update us with your progress.
  • On or after March 15th, 2017, email us a photo of your motorcycle’s odometer clearly showing the current mileage. Also in this photo, include a receipt (gas or whatever) dated after 12:01am on March 15th, 2017. OR, you can post this same photo to the Mileage Maniacs Facebook Page instead of emailing it. This is your STARTING mileage photo.
  • Go ride. Then ride some more. Keep riding. Meet up with others to ride. Ride to eat. Ride for pie. Keep riding.
  • No later than November 15th (midnight), email or post a photo of the same motorcycle odometer with the mileage clearly visible. This will be your ENDING mileage photo. If you do not have your ending photo in by this deadline, you will be considered DNF (Did Not Finish).
  • Stay tuned to your email and/or the Facebook Page for the final results.
  • Brag to your friends and family how many miles you rode, and how you helped Freedom Service Dogs rescue shelter dogs and train them to help people in need.

A proper starting photo clearly shows the motorcycle’s odometer reading and the date on the printed receipt.

If you have any questions, email me at

Pertinent Links:

Riders and Visitors can make additional donations to the 2017 Mileage Mania to benefit Freedom Service Dogs via PayPal.

If you feel more comfortable donating directly to Freedom Service Dogs, please us this link to donate.