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Trip Report

RockSToc II

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2015 Touratech Rally East

Or, “The weekend of joy and pain.” Piggybacking on the second annual Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival, Touratech finally brought their adventure rally to the east coast. Based in McAlvey’s Fort, PA – between State College and Huntingdon – the rally promised some of the best public dirt roads in Pennsylvania’s state parks and forests. Todd and … Continue reading »

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Moonshine 2013 – The Ride Out

Or, “Isn’t it springtime yet?!” Our schedule allowed us a two-day ride out to Moonshine – a little over 700 miles from home for both of us – so we stuck with tradition and met at the Sheetz gas station in Breezewood, PA. Thursday afternoon, we both arrived at the Sheetz just off the intersection … Continue reading »

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MotoTour 2012, eh?

Todd and Jeff are gearing-up for a two-week trip into Canada this September. Starting around Labor Day, the riders will blast directly to Hell! Hell, Michigan that is, for a night of moto-camping, before heading north. The plan is to cross into Canada at Sault Ste Marie and head north to the banks of James … Continue reading »

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DAYS 3 AND 4 – Anamosa, Iowa to Winner, South Dakota

After assuring our Facebook friends and followers that Todd was not going to die, we set off from Anamosa with at least three days to ride before we were expected to arrive in Denver. We had plans to hit some notable sites: Sturgis, Mount Rushmore, Devil’s Tower, Crazy Horse Monument, and others. The trials and … Continue reading »

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Day Three – The National Motorcycle Museum

What can I say about the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa?  It’s a museum. Full of motorcycles. The museum is filled with all types of motorcycles, but mostly vintage pieces. There are a few items from movies (like one of the surviving Captain America bikes from “Easy Rider”), as well as one of Evel … Continue reading »

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Day Two – Fire for Effect!

Images of asphalt passing by my feet at break-neck speeds, sounds of four thumping cylinders revving harmoniously, and the smell of cooked beef haunted my brain until finally my iPhone’s alarm stirred me out of my sleep.  It was 7:30am and we were in Chicago! Checkout wasn’t until at least 11, but we had a … Continue reading »

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Opening Day

Why did we want to get to Chicago on the first day?  Todd was coming from his home in Laurel, Maryland (about halfway between D.C. and Baltimore) and I left from my girlfriend Michele’s house near Pottsville, PA, with plans to make it to Chicago in time for dinner at Morton’s Steak House.  Lofty, for … Continue reading »

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Day Ride – New Hope and Hawk’s Nest

Or, “Up the River Without a History Book” To many people who grew up in Philadelphia, American history has been a big part of their culture. And to many motorcyclists living in the Delaware Valley, a big part of their culture is a Sunday morning ride along the Delaware River on Route 32. The day’s … Continue reading »

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Route 6 Across PA

Last summer, I took a long day trip to visit the legendary Pine Creek Gorge – also known as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania – and became enchanted with another Pennsylvania legend: Route 6. I did some online research into the scenic roadway, which enters PA in the northeast near Milford, expands into a section … Continue reading »

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